HABASIT one partner for all your belting needs such as: traditional conveyor and processing belts...

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Worm Gearmotors Coaxical Gearmotors Helical and bevel helical gear units for Cat G Planetary gearmotors Cat. EP.

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Marzoli is a leading company for the supply of machinery and textile components for the processing of cotton-cut...

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"ELGI Equipments is a leading air compressor manufacturer with an innovative& technologically superior...

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Becker is a German company that provide vacuum and pressure solutions. Becker is family owned...

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    AshTechs is a service company offering a quick delivery facility for custom made power
    transmission and conveyor belts produced out of a local stock of original HABASIT AG
    (Switzerland) materials.

    The Habasit synthetic power transmission and conveyor belts cover a wide variety of
    application in different industries namely the textile, ceramic, tobacco, automotive,
    polygraphic, folder gluers, cardboard industry etc…In our stock all types of materials are
    available; Polyamide, polyester, PVC, Polyurethane, Polyolefin and NBR up to 4 meters
    width for the conveyor belts. AshTechs has also the possibility to supply these belts with
    lateral profile applied by high frequency welding, side walls and guide profile.

    Since Rossi became part of Habasit group, AshTechs has started to distribute all Rossi
    product range i.e. (Coaxial gear motors, Worm gear motors, helical bevel gear motors
    and gear reducers, etc).

    AshTechs also represent and distributes Yamauchi the world specialist in textile rubber
    components (aprons and cots) and laminate products (cushion pads), Within Egypt we
    are considered having a very strong and reliable service center, and that is one very
    important attribute giving us a leading competitive advantage.