Kubicek roots blowers


Roots Blowers 


- Aeration of WWTP tanks
- Back washing sand filters

Working pressure                    ΔP = 0-100 kPa
Volumetric flow rate              Q= 20 - 20 000m3/h
Motor power                         P1= 0.25 - 500 kW
Discharge connection          DN = 50-500



Kubicek aeration membranes


O2 recovery factor at standard conditions (E+) 3–5 kgO2/kWh
Percent of oxygen transfer efficiency at standard conditions per meter of diffuser immersion (Ea) up to 8,5 %/m
Pressure loss of aeration diffusers depending on system air-flow rate and age of membranes(Δp) 3–5 kPa
Recommended flow per 1m of diffuser/hour (QL) 2–5 m3/m.h


Aeration of WWTP tanks – both municipal and industrial
Galvanic tanks mixing
Aeration of fish breeding tanks and ponds
Cleaning of bio-filters
Pneumatic flotation – separation of physicallyand chemically different materials