Special Fabrication


Power Turn:

  • Ultimate exploitation of space.
  • Transfer of goods on angles from 30° to 180°.
  • Low maintenance, maintenance free running.
  • Transfer of goods without change of relative position.

Profile & Cleats:

  • Applied using high frequency joining.
  • PVC cleats for standard application.
  • TPU cleats compliant with FDA/EU requirements.

Side Walls:

  • Suitable for elevator belts.
  • Keeps material from falling from the side of the conveyor belt.
  • PVC side walls for standard products.
  • PU side walls compliant with FDA/EU requirements.

Conveyors with tracking profiles arrangements:

  • Plain PVC profile guides.
  • Notched PVC profile guides.


Workshops: Equipped with machines with latest technologies (high frequency machines and heat presses Services

Mobile service units: Fully equipped to perform quick on the spot joints and deliveries.