Timing belts, Machine tapes & Round belts



Invaluable in countless applications, open- ended polyurethane timing belts are stable at high operating speeds. They are used wherever synchronous or parallel conveyors, accumulation, positioning, conveying, capstan haul-offs, linear drives andindexing conveyors are required.

Machine Tapes

Applied in printing, paper, postal and many other processes. Habasit machine tapes convey delicate goods and provide adequate and constant grip. Machine Tapes come in variety of traction layer materials, strength classes, and application oriented cover materials. Unparalleled properties and a lifetime guarantee ensure the highest productivity.

Round Belts

Polycord round belts can be used as conveying elements or for driving applications. They are particulary suitable for angular gears, as they can be adjusted directionally at will. Habasit offers a comprehensive range of round belts made of high quality polyurethane in diameters between 2 mm and 15 mm, different surfaces & hardness.