Power Transmission Belts


Due to their flexibility Habasit's power transmission belts save energy and help reducing costs. The superior construction allows also for small pulley diameters and versatile machine designs, which is especially important in the textile and paper industry. For specialized applications seamless power transmission belts guarantee the highest degree of precision.

  • Polyamide power transmission belts S, F, and A-Polyamide tagential and flat belts are the market leader and known for high reliability and long service life due to the high streched and robust Polyamide traction layer. LL and LT Leather Polyamide Flat Belts is specially manufactured for cross drive applications.
  • Aramid power transmition belts - TF - tagential - and flat belts are the best solution for compact driving configurations. The TF belts provide maximum power transmission efficiency and minimum spindle rpm deviation due to the high modulus of elasticity of the Aramid traction fabric.
  • Polyester power transmission belts - TC - tagential - and flat belts combine the benefits of Polyamide and Aramid belts such as high reliability, long service life with excellent damping properties. They are suitable for high speed machines and can cope very well with small pulley diameters and reversed bendings.
  • Polyamide spindle tapes - Market leading Habasit TS - and HS-spindle tapes were already setting the standards for spindle tapes decades ago around the world.
  • Polyester spindle tapes - W - Polyester spindle tapes are suitable for ring spinning frames with spindle speeds above 20.000 rpm because of the knocking free and flexible Flexproof joining system. There is no disturbing fibre fly accumulation due to the permanently antistatic properties and the impregnated friction covers.